Let’s Talk Treats!

Gift Cards!

This has nothing to do with treats, unless you want to know how to gift them to a friend or family member. You can now purchase gift cards for To Go Paleo through Square. Redeem them at the To Go Paleo booth at the Salem Farmers Markets on Thursday in West Salem, Saturday in downtown Salem, or Monday at the hospital market in Salem.

Christmas Cookies

Cookie Cutter Cookies
Fun Christmas cookies

These are the perfect cookies to leave out for Santa, and they are better for him because they are gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free. Next time, I’ll use bigger cookie cutters though. These almost fell through the cooling rack.

Paleo Marionberry Hand Pies

Images shows 6 hand pies with marionberry jam filling.
Paleo Marionberry Hand Pies

These hand pie treats are filled with a spiced marionberry jam, made from locally grown marionberries. To see all the ingredients used in these, go to this page. These are the perfect size to take and eat on the go!

Paleo Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies

Images shows Paleo chocolate chip hazelnut cookies.
Paleo hazelnut cookies

These cookies are treats that are delicious, nutritious and made with locally grown Oregon hazelnuts. Combine anything with hazelnuts, especially locally grown ones, and it will be delicious!


Sometimes things don’t go quite right and the finished product doesn’t look anything like the picture in the cookbook. That’s what happened to these Hazelnut Chocolate Cookies. Even though they didn’t look very nice, they still tasted delicious. I mean, how can you go wrong combining chocolate and hazelnuts? Am I right??

Image shows how a hazelnut chocolate cookie should look after baking.
How hazelnut chocolate cookies are supposed to look.
Ugly hazelnut chocolate cookies
These didn’t turn out pretty, but they tasted good.